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Among these ideas, the ideas of passing, possession, and shooting are very clear. Offensive abilities embrace passing, ball possession, dribbling breakthrough, and taking pictures. The algorithm proposed in this paper is shown. We define the opposite concepts in detail as follows:(1)Dribble breakthrough: the player uses dribbling or passing to cross several opponents’ urgent and blocking forward(2)Steal: when the attacking participant holds the ball or the attacking player passes the ball to his associate, the defensive participant makes use of defensive skills to get the ball earlier than the opposing participant(3)Rescue: to prevent the attacking facet from attacking, the defensive player directly destroys the ball out of the defensive area without passing the ball. In line with the analysis characteristics of large-scale competitions in the physical education subject and the life-like prospects of video statistics, this analysis divides football skills into two categories: offensive expertise and defensive technology.

Defensive expertise embodies steals, clearances, and tackles. The second purpose is that to obtain data concerning the physical health of the participant sooner or later, the player’s place information needs to be obtained first. Stadium modeling aims to transform the player’s position from the video perspective to the position of the top view (aerial view). After the target detection and monitoring of the video, we efficiently obtained the pixel place of every player. As a result of the rationale that the gap is small, the position info obtained by simply tracking the original video cannot be used for calculation. In this examination, each the video supplied by the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and the video of the National Games adopted the FIFA standard present that the vertical length of the field is 105 meters, the horizontal width is sixty-eight meters; the goal: the length is 7.32 meters, the peak is 2.44 meters; the big penalty area (penalty space): horizontal 40.32 meters, vertical 16.5 meters, on the bottom line 5 meters away from the aim put up; small restricted area (purpose space): 18.32 meters long, 5.5 meters wide, 5.5 meters from the aim submit on the underside line; heart circle area: a radius of 9.15 meters; Four nook kick area: radius of 1 meter, 13. Eighty-four meters from the penalty area; penalty kick arc: a semicircle with a radius of 9.15 meters centered on the penalty kick level; penalty kick level: 11 meters from the aim line.

Subsequently, perspective transformation is required for football subject modeling. Fast assault and teamwork have been the route of modern betting software. For the convenience of debugging in the event course and the applicability of the subsequent software program launch, our video dimension and courtroom airplane mannequin diagram are both pixels in size. Not content with offering a scores service, they provide stretches to aim scorers, aim alerts, bookings, and crimson cards, different match info, and video highlights. Certainly, one of the purposes of this is that redundant video data is usually not needed in soccer visualization evaluation, but the prime view and consultant gamers are used. The following key phrases have been used: football and soccer, each associated with the phrases: match evaluation, performance evaluation, notational evaluation, sport evaluation, tactical evaluation, and patterns of play.